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The Fish and Farmer Friendly Submersible Cage







Open design allows wave energy to pass through structure allowing cage and stock to survive high energy environments making it  well suited for open ocean aquaculture.  A full size cage has survived 5m plus waves at surface.


Patented controlled ascend and decend allows cage to be positioned anywhere in the water column and will accomodate a wide range of site depths and bottom compositions.


Upper walkway allows workers a safe working platform to conduct normal fish husbandry duties. Harvest may be performed in a similar fashion as a regular surface cage.


Lower structure creates a cube design that allows an attachment point for netting. Netting maintains its volume under high flow / towing conditions.


Eighty percent of cage can be assembled in shallow water with common yard machines with remaining two upper walkways installed without machinery at the mooring site.


Cost per cubic meter comparable to steel surface cages of similar volume.


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